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Mocha Moms Woodbridge, VA Chapter

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Business Meeting
The chapter business meeting is held on the first Sunday of the month. The meeting is open to all chapter members.

Support Meeting
The support meeting is held on a Friday at the library. The purpose of the meeting is for stay-at-home moms to discuss topics that affect them as mothers and wives. Since the meeting is held during the day, children are welcome too.

Moms' Night Out
The first Saturday of the month is Moms' Night Out for chapter members. This is a moms only event held during the evening. The activity may be going out to dinner, seeing a play or having a game night.

Community Service
The chapter community service efforts has been purchasing school supplies for families registered with ACTS and hosting a Gifts of Hope Party for families in the ACTS Transitional Living Program.

Book Club Dinner and Discussion
The chapter alternates reading fiction and non-fiction books. A members hosts the potluck dinner discussion and selects the next book for the chapter to read.

Moms who are interested in joining the Woodbridge Chapter may come to one activity prior to joining. Since chapter membership is based on the payment of dues, interested moms may not attend multiple activities without joining Mocha Moms.
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